Homework for Week Three:My Blog

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Write four paragraphs on any topic that interests me is the homework assignment.

Well I truly have multiple things that interest me and the first one would have to be my family, but I won’t be writing about them because I don’t want some creepy guy reading about my family.  People are crazy now days; they become obsessed with others then next thing you know your dead and he’s trying to become you. I’ve seen to many movies that show this kinda thing and it just freaks me out to no end. Freaky people stay away!

So other things that interest me is the News.  I truly honestly hated the news when I was in the military because that’s all we could watch for 12hrs a day every shift, but since I am out of the military I find myself actually flocking to the news every chance I get.  I truly like to read the good things in the news about people saving others life’s, or like the story I read the other day about a young girl who was like 2 or something and has brain cancer, and this helicopter company paid for her to go to Disney World(land) out in Florida on a private jet and the pilots even stayed to fly her back in case she got sick or something. The reason they did this was because the little girl was to young for Make a Wish foundation.  Another story that touched my deeply was about a young baby who had some spinal disease and she wouldn’t live past 2yrs old I think she was like 6mths old and the dad started blogging to make a bucket list, but he did it as if she was writing it. He did this to educate others and to let friends/family know how his daughter were doing. It was a great story, but then three or four days later after the article was in the news, they posted another one stating she had passed. I couldn’t even get through the article because it was so sad that I had to stop reading it.

On a brighter note, I like to watch movies that is a passion that I have and my favorite are comedies.  I love to laugh because it’s a great thing and I think everyone should laugh and be happy every day.  You have to or your just going to be a Debbie downer and no one wants that or that person around.  I really like to watch stand up comedy it’s one that I can relate to the most because I like to hear jokes and I like to cut up as well.  Mr. P a math teacher calls me Mr. Funny Man, he says I’m the only person he knows that is funnier then he is. Mr. P is a great guy and he is very funny as well.

For my last topic the other interest I have is World Of Warcraft. I have been playing for nearly 6 years; I know I’m a nerd.  It started out as a way my brother and I could do something together since we were miles and miles away, and very close growing up.  We could log on and run instance/raids/quest or just PvP and kill other players.  Well WoW as it is known for has become very mundane and my brother has decided to stop playing since I have moved closer to him and his family.  We don’t get together often, but when we do we enjoy that time together.


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“Well Formed” HTML

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“Well Formed” HTML is just writing code in proper format to follow the rules of XML.  The best way for me to explain it is like writing a paper with proper grammar and checking your work to just make sure it flows better. Apparently everyone’s doing it, and this is a band wagon everyone should jump on.

Web Standards

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Web Standards were created by the guy who invited the Web itself; Mr. Tim Berners-Lee.  Some one founded an organization called W3C in 1994 and they are the ones who make the standards; there are over 450 members who belong to W3C.  These group members think of ideas of how the web should look and interact and then they submit their ideas to W3C membership board and director and they decide who shall pass.  We all know it’s probably based on who pays who the most to get their idea out their…kidding kidding….maybe.

Homework Week 7, “Flash is Dead; or is it”?

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For those of you who do not want to read what’s below here is an audible summary. Flash is Dead; or is it?

Steve Jobs the recently former CEO of Apple inc. wrote a letter not sure to who exactly but it’s out there, about how he doesn’t want to allow flash on the Apple device platforms (Iphone, Ipods, Ipads). The reasons that Mr. Jobs were good points and valid as well, but the only point that I felt had any merit what so ever was about allowing for third party software to allow for poor applications that could be developed.  Mr. Jobs stats that Adobe isn’t open and Apple is, and he gives creditable evidence, as well as this H.264 web issue which I have no clue what that is honestly. Mr. Jobs hints about security issues but doesn’t go into detail, I think this was kinda of a ploy to frighten us just by mentioning it.  He mentions battery life, but honestly who doesn’t have a charger with them at all times.  Now when he’s talking about flash not being written to include touch, I don’t know I haven’t taken any flash writing classes so I couldn’t say if this is true or not.  Mr. Jobs gives good points but that’s to be expected when writing a letter like this and especially on who’s it’s about he better get his facts straight, or at least look good when he’s bullshitting his way threw them.

The Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen gave an interview to Wall Street Journal’s Journalist Alan Murray about the letter that Mr. Jobs had written defending himself/Adobe.  Mr. Narayen does avoid some of the questions and tries to say Apple is hiding something a “smokescreen” and that the technology is out there to allow flash to be played on these Apple devices.  Adobe is putting flash on the Android phone released through Verizon and Adobe has released Adobe Flash Player 10.1 “Gala” for mac users and from what some consumers have said that it is pretty amazing. Mr. Narayen says to let the consumers pick and choose if Flash on mobile devices is working or not, but honestly I believe the Iphone is the top phone being sold atm.  Mr. Narayen gave great points in his interview and had creditable answers for what Mr. Jobs had written.

I think Mr. Narayen said it best by “Let the customers choose”.

Homework Week 3

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This week we had to go out and find three RSS feeds and provide a link for them here is a list of RSS feeds I subscribed to:
(Don’t try and click on the URL it will not work; copy and paste the URL into your “add subscription” search engine to find the link)
Media College.com has quiet of good info on a lot of things going on in the technology world. Now what I didn’t like was I did a search for HTML Tutorial and this had nothing to do with HTML at first until you scrolled about 2/3 of the way down (and that was a lot) until you came across some information about programming.Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best of – Smashing Magazine
Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best of – Smashing Magazine was a great read on tips and tricks that any web-designer or graphic designer could use on a day to day basis. They also had links to New Free High Quality Fonts and if you ever needed a particular fonts and didn’t have it you know how expensive they can be so check out this RSS feed. I really like this feed a lot; I can see myself actually reading this weekly if not daily.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials – Tutorialized
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials – Tutorialized is an amazing feed that I highly recommend to everyone. This feed shows you all kinds of tricks that Adobe Photoshop has to offer. People who have been using photoshop for about 10 years still haven’t used photoshop to it’s full potential; so check out this feed and start learning from the masters it’ll only help your career. I like this feed because it had a lot of helpful ideas and it gives you step by step instructions so you shouldn’t screw it up.

MMO-Champion Blue Tracker
MMO-Champion Blue Tracker because I look at the site MMO-Champion.com religiously because it is mainly geared towards World of Warcraft (WoW), and I play WoW with my brother since 2006 because we were in different states and it was something we could do together. I wasn’t able to click the link it seems to be broken but if you are using gmail reader then you can do a search on MMO-Champion Blue Tracker and find it that way; this is something that I did not like having to do.

Curse is an addon website that allows you to download “addons” for WoW. These addons are used to interact with the User Interface with WoW to make your gaming experience a lot easier and allow more customization. I liked this site because when you clicked on the RSS Feed it gave you step by step instructions and also gave a link to Wikipedia on what RSS feeds were.

WoW Head News
WoW Head News is another site that I use constantly. WoW Head News is kinda like MMO-Champion but it also has a huge collection of data on everything about the game and more that any WoW player should have bookmarked no matter their skill or length of play time. This site seems to have the same error that the MMO-Champion Blue Tracker is having but again you can do a search for it very easily.

Some tutorials I would like to tell you about are:

How to create Navigation bar in Photoshop this is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to do everything.  I like this turtorial because it is so detailed that any novice graphic designer or web designer will have no problem creating.  Also you can make it your own by just tweaking a few of the ideas and steps it gives you.

How To Create 3D Text Effect In Photoshop is another step-by-step tutorial that shows you something that is hot at the moment in this industry and that’s 3D graphics, but this is text.  This is a very easy and quick process it doesn’t look to difficult and your text comes out looking sharp and 3D.

Change your text into magic glowing sparkles is actually a really cool tutorial on using jitter, gradiants, and much more.  This is really cool and I think it will come in handy if you get into entertainment industry or even music industry.

Week 1 Homework

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Week 1’s homework consisted of finding at least 3 industry related blogs and summarizing them.  My industry is web-design and I found 5 blogs that I would like to share with you.

1.  37 ways to promote your web-site is a informative blog.  It doesn’t give you the actual 37 ways, but it does give you the link to the website itself which is very helpful to any novice web-designer. The site tells you what kind of things you should do that will help you get your site recognized much easier.

2. Productivity Tips for Running A Web Design Business is another informative blog that doesn’t give you the actual tips but gives you the link to the article.  The article is actually a blog by Paul Boag titled “Lessons Learned: Productivity Tips for Running A Web Design Business“.  Mr. Boag gives a very detailed list of things that will help you run your business that will help you reduce stress and potentially bring in more clients.

3. How to judge the worth of a Web Design Company from it’s Own Website? is a very short list of information, but very detailed and to the point.  It only has 3 topics but the topics are so straight forward they really make you think about sites that you have visited in the past and will probably continue to think about for future sites.

4. Basic Facts and Resources You Need to Know Now About Web Accessibility is a site any and every web-designer should have book marked because of the information it gives you. It has multiple links and information about the new laws of allowing people with disabilities to access your web-site.

5. A Doggie Dot Com Launched is the first blog I pulled up and at first it’s more of a complaining session but then it starts to give you ideas about how to market your sites.  Facebook and twitter are huge marketing resources and it also lets you know what type of things you can apply to your web-site as well.