Fall Quarter

This fall quarter has been a heck of a ride. It started out my wife and trying to get pregnant; we did! We are due in May and we don’t really care if we have a boy or a girl as long as the baby is healthy. My 3 yr old wants a baby sister though, but my father wants a boy badly. We have already picked the boys name which will be Ethan James, and that stems from my Middle name and my Fathers Middle name. We haven’t agreed upon a girls name yet, and I’m guessing it’s going to be a battle I’m going to lose.

Then in Oct. I had a child hood friend who took his life. No one knows why and no one saw this coming at that time. If it would of happened directly after the West Explosion that he was seriously injured in then I could possibly understand some, but it didn’t. During our teen years Josh stayed at our house all the time and then when I joined the military I would stay with him when I came back to visit back home. We did lose touch some after I left but I called through out the years. I have regrets though I didn’t see him after I came back and it does hurt, but time will heal and the regret will fade but his memory will always live on.

At work we hired a new guy who keeps staying things that I can’t believe another person would say to someone. He’s talked trash about our designs, acts like he is God of code and if he doesn’t write it then it’s crap. Just 2 days ago he asked me why people put down on applications and resumes that they are Veterans; before I could answer he said it was because of “Charity”. He felt that Veterans used it for a handout to get the job even if someone out qualified them. Forget the blood, sweat, tears, and service of our country before ourself that each and everyone Veteran put in during their service; apparently that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that we choose to go sacrifice our time away from our friends and families so that this person could hang out with his. It didn’t matter that so many men and women who are deployed miss their kids first steps, first word, first day of kindergarten, kids graduation, death of a close friend, death of a relative these things didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that we learn discipline or gain responsibility over other people lives at the age of 20 years old and have to live with the choice that we make. None of this matter to this guy who thinks that we are just using Veteran as a hand out.

The things I have learned are to enjoy life, remember those you love, and don’t let the small things bring you down. If you can live these simple rules you’ll make it in life. Look out for your family and friends because sometimes someone just needs someone to lean on. They’ll thank you for it, maybe not then but at some point they will.


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