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Posted in IMD Fundamentals on November 26, 2013 by clintonherring

During this holiday time please remember your loved ones that are with you and not; Remember those families who might be missing someone too. With all the training I had in the military I always remembered this is the start of a rise in suicides. People are lonely, or remember their loved ones who aren’t there to share this occasion. This time stretches from Thanksgiving all the way till March because of Valentines day. Make sure that you are looking for those signs that could help save someones life. They are: regret, depression, anger, hopelessness, talking about people better off with out you, giving things away, withdrawal, and theres more. Pay attention to the ones that are close to you, and give them the help they might need even if it will upset them; they’ll “Thank You” later.


Professional Conduct

Posted in IMD Fundamentals on November 20, 2013 by clintonherring

So I had another run in with my co-worker, but this time I bit my tongue. So Monday we were talking about responsive web-design and how font should be done. He was saying that it should be pixels, and I mentioned he should look at rem. Unlike em using rem does not nest your font and you can make it all one size and it’ll adjust accordingly. He asked me if I have used it so I showed him on a site that I used it on. His remark about my site was that it “looked like shit”. At this point I realize if he didn’t build it then it doesn’t look good. I thought his comment was rude, tacky & unprofessional. I didn’t make a comment though although I really did want to really bad.

Veteran Affairs

Posted in IMD Fundamentals on November 13, 2013 by clintonherring

So Monday was Veteran Affairs and my wife went out for dinner and received a great discount on our food. The next morning while working in my office a co-worker and I was discussion some of the benefits we receive for being a disabled veteran. This individual keeps saying they regret not serving in the military; especially during a time of piece when he should of entered. I personally get offended by hearing this person say that because we don’t just join for the benefits we are doing a service to our country. The person just wants to sit back and collect the benefits. I don’t understand people like this and it doesn’t give me a good impression of this person either.

Help Your Friends

Posted in Copy Writing on November 5, 2013 by clintonherring

Have you ever saw something or experienced something and wondered “Is there something I could of did different?”.  It’s a terrible feeling to find out after it’s to late, and there is nothing to do other then to have this feeling. There is something though that you can do and that’s give this number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), to anyone you think might need it. Even if they don’t want to hear you talk about it, even if they say they won’t call, even if they get pissed off at you for talking about it; give them this number it could save their life. Don’t be the one asking if there was something else you could of done, I know how that feels and it sucks. I promise though it won’t happen again. RIP Josh