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Posted in IMD Fundamentals on November 5, 2012 by clintonherring

So, I’ve been slacking on my blog so I decided that I’d make up for it. I went and did some reading and I have found very many interesting things that I hope others are interested in. There’s a lot of links here to look at, but they really all provide some great information.

Weekly Fresh Resources for Designers and Developers [November 5th,2012]


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Settings Icon

Holly Wood Icons

Japan Display showcases the latest in mobile display technology

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New Seb Lester work prompts calligraphy as the new Typography game changer?


Heading Set Styling with CSS

50 Remarkable Big Font Typography Design

Getting the Hang of Web Typography (Smashing eBook Series)

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Web & UI Designer

Responsivator: A Responsive Design Previewer