Week 2 Homework

Progressive Enhancement and what is it? Well based off the articles below and the extensive list that I’d never finish reading because they stretch on from the end of time is very easy, stop being a jerk and design for everything. It’s about designing not just for browsers, but all devices out there in this huge circular mass called Earth.  There are so many devices now days to design for, hey maybe W3C will come up with a standard for devices too, that way were not designing for everything because lets face it, you have tables that range from $500+ to $99, and don’t get me started on smart phones to many to count. Pretty much be nice, design for all so that the accessibility is there to your target audience, just think it could be that one person you didn’t design for and you could have made a lot of money had you done so.

Understanding progressive enhancement techniques in web design

A plea for progressive enhancement

Massively Mobile Progressive Enhancement

Adapting Your Designs with Progressive Enhancement

SouthStreet Progressive Enhancement Workflow


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