Homework for Week Three:My Blog

Write four paragraphs on any topic that interests me is the homework assignment.

Well I truly have multiple things that interest me and the first one would have to be my family, but I won’t be writing about them because I don’t want some creepy guy reading about my family.  People are crazy now days; they become obsessed with others then next thing you know your dead and he’s trying to become you. I’ve seen to many movies that show this kinda thing and it just freaks me out to no end. Freaky people stay away!

So other things that interest me is the News.  I truly honestly hated the news when I was in the military because that’s all we could watch for 12hrs a day every shift, but since I am out of the military I find myself actually flocking to the news every chance I get.  I truly like to read the good things in the news about people saving others life’s, or like the story I read the other day about a young girl who was like 2 or something and has brain cancer, and this helicopter company paid for her to go to Disney World(land) out in Florida on a private jet and the pilots even stayed to fly her back in case she got sick or something. The reason they did this was because the little girl was to young for Make a Wish foundation.  Another story that touched my deeply was about a young baby who had some spinal disease and she wouldn’t live past 2yrs old I think she was like 6mths old and the dad started blogging to make a bucket list, but he did it as if she was writing it. He did this to educate others and to let friends/family know how his daughter were doing. It was a great story, but then three or four days later after the article was in the news, they posted another one stating she had passed. I couldn’t even get through the article because it was so sad that I had to stop reading it.

On a brighter note, I like to watch movies that is a passion that I have and my favorite are comedies.  I love to laugh because it’s a great thing and I think everyone should laugh and be happy every day.  You have to or your just going to be a Debbie downer and no one wants that or that person around.  I really like to watch stand up comedy it’s one that I can relate to the most because I like to hear jokes and I like to cut up as well.  Mr. P a math teacher calls me Mr. Funny Man, he says I’m the only person he knows that is funnier then he is. Mr. P is a great guy and he is very funny as well.

For my last topic the other interest I have is World Of Warcraft. I have been playing for nearly 6 years; I know I’m a nerd.  It started out as a way my brother and I could do something together since we were miles and miles away, and very close growing up.  We could log on and run instance/raids/quest or just PvP and kill other players.  Well WoW as it is known for has become very mundane and my brother has decided to stop playing since I have moved closer to him and his family.  We don’t get together often, but when we do we enjoy that time together.


Thanks for reading.



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