Homework Week 7, “Flash is Dead; or is it”?

For those of you who do not want to read what’s below here is an audible summary. Flash is Dead; or is it?

Steve Jobs the recently former CEO of Apple inc. wrote a letter not sure to who exactly but it’s out there, about how he doesn’t want to allow flash on the Apple device platforms (Iphone, Ipods, Ipads). The reasons that Mr. Jobs were good points and valid as well, but the only point that I felt had any merit what so ever was about allowing for third party software to allow for poor applications that could be developed.  Mr. Jobs stats that Adobe isn’t open and Apple is, and he gives creditable evidence, as well as this H.264 web issue which I have no clue what that is honestly. Mr. Jobs hints about security issues but doesn’t go into detail, I think this was kinda of a ploy to frighten us just by mentioning it.  He mentions battery life, but honestly who doesn’t have a charger with them at all times.  Now when he’s talking about flash not being written to include touch, I don’t know I haven’t taken any flash writing classes so I couldn’t say if this is true or not.  Mr. Jobs gives good points but that’s to be expected when writing a letter like this and especially on who’s it’s about he better get his facts straight, or at least look good when he’s bullshitting his way threw them.

The Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen gave an interview to Wall Street Journal’s Journalist Alan Murray about the letter that Mr. Jobs had written defending himself/Adobe.  Mr. Narayen does avoid some of the questions and tries to say Apple is hiding something a “smokescreen” and that the technology is out there to allow flash to be played on these Apple devices.  Adobe is putting flash on the Android phone released through Verizon and Adobe has released Adobe Flash Player 10.1 “Gala” for mac users and from what some consumers have said that it is pretty amazing. Mr. Narayen says to let the consumers pick and choose if Flash on mobile devices is working or not, but honestly I believe the Iphone is the top phone being sold atm.  Mr. Narayen gave great points in his interview and had creditable answers for what Mr. Jobs had written.

I think Mr. Narayen said it best by “Let the customers choose”.


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