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Week 1 Homework

Posted in IMD Fundamentals with tags , , , , on July 22, 2011 by clintonherring

Week 1’s homework consisted of finding at least 3 industry related blogs and summarizing them.  My industry is web-design and I found 5 blogs that I would like to share with you.

1.  37 ways to promote your web-site is a informative blog.  It doesn’t give you the actual 37 ways, but it does give you the link to the website itself which is very helpful to any novice web-designer. The site tells you what kind of things you should do that will help you get your site recognized much easier.

2. Productivity Tips for Running A Web Design Business is another informative blog that doesn’t give you the actual tips but gives you the link to the article.  The article is actually a blog by Paul Boag titled “Lessons Learned: Productivity Tips for Running A Web Design Business“.  Mr. Boag gives a very detailed list of things that will help you run your business that will help you reduce stress and potentially bring in more clients.

3. How to judge the worth of a Web Design Company from it’s Own Website? is a very short list of information, but very detailed and to the point.  It only has 3 topics but the topics are so straight forward they really make you think about sites that you have visited in the past and will probably continue to think about for future sites.

4. Basic Facts and Resources You Need to Know Now About Web Accessibility is a site any and every web-designer should have book marked because of the information it gives you. It has multiple links and information about the new laws of allowing people with disabilities to access your web-site.

5. A Doggie Dot Com Launched is the first blog I pulled up and at first it’s more of a complaining session but then it starts to give you ideas about how to market your sites.  Facebook and twitter are huge marketing resources and it also lets you know what type of things you can apply to your web-site as well.